Definition of "comparative" [com•par•a•tive]

  • (adjective) Relating to, based on, or involving comparison.
  • (adjective) Of or relating to the scientific or historical comparison of different phenomena, institutions, or objects, such as languages, legal systems, or anatomical structures, in an effort to understand their origins or relationships.
  • (adjective) Estimated by comparison; relative: a comparative newcomer.
  • (adjective) Grammar Of, relating to, or being the intermediate degree of comparison of adjectives, as better, sweeter, or more wonderful, or adverbs, as more softly.
  • (noun) Grammar The comparative degree.

Use "comparative" in a sentence

  • "She said South Africa could play a pivotal role to promote cooperation because the country enjoyed what she called comparative advantages over many African countries."
  • "Altruism and honesty among different cultures are difficult to measure and compare, but in 2003 a University of Michigan Law School professor conducted what he called a comparative study on recovering lost property in the United States and Japan."
  • "The UCC has been pressing for the creation of a Holodomor gallery that receives "no less coverage" than the Holocaust, while the UCCLA feels all genocides should be explored throughout the entire museum in what it calls a "comparative, thematic and inclusive manner.""

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