Definition of "jackal" [jack•al]

  • (noun) Any of several doglike mammals of the genus Canis of Africa and southern Asia that are mainly foragers feeding on plants, small animals, and occasionally carrion.
  • (noun) An accomplice or a lackey who aids in the commission of base or disreputable acts.
  • (noun) One who performs menial tasks for another.

Use "jackal" in a sentence

  • "People need government to work for them, and this jackal is pleased that he and his party have been able to halt operations and progress."
  • "Ventura says he's not seeking re-election because he doesn't want his family subjected to any more sniping from reporters, who he only half-jokingly suggested be required to wear the word jackal on their press passes."
  • "Over time, the best hybrids might have been much more wolf than jackal overall while retaining certain jackal behavioral characteristic."

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