Definition of "jackaroo" [jack•a•roo]

  • (noun) A white man living outside white settlement.
  • (noun) A trainee station manager or owner, working as a stockman or farm hand; formerly, a young man of independent means working at a station in a supernumerary capacity to gain experience.
  • (verb) To work as a jackaroo.

Use "jackaroo" in a sentence

  • "The prince has arrived for a three month stay in Australia where he will work as a Australian cowboy - known as a jackaroo - on remote cattle ranches in the Outback."
  • "If there was anything humiliating in being rated as an 'able-bodied young man who wasn't worth his salt,' as a loafer who was hardly fit to 'jackaroo' on a station, as a 'lazy lubber' who would 'go to the dogs if it weren't for his father,' George never betrayed that he felt humiliated by so much as the twitching of an eyelid."
  • "So he left, returned to Australia and, after a stint as a jackaroo, joined the Dominicans."

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