Definition of "quotha" [quoth•a]

  • (interjection) Archaic Used to express surprise or sarcasm, after quoting the word or phrase of another.
  • (exclamation) an expression of mild sarcasm, used in picking up a word or phrase used by someone else

Use "quotha" in a sentence

  • "He gravely thought poetry a sort of disease ” a sort of fungus of the brain ” and held as a serious opinion, that nobody could be properly well who exercised it as an art ” which was true (he maintained) even of men ” he had studied the physiology of poets, 'quotha' ” but that for women, it was a mortal malady and incompatible with any common show of health under any circumstances."
  • "Hereupon Mr. Worldly Wiseman was much commoved with passion, and shaking his cane with a very threatful countenance, broke forth upon this wise: “Learning, quotha!” said he; “I would have all such rogues scourged by the Hangman!”"
  • "“Pay thee wages, quotha?” said Milnwood to himself, — “Thou wilt eat in a week the value of mair than thou canst work for in a month.”"

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