Definition of "quux" [quux]

  • (noun) Metasyntactic variable.

Use "quux" in a sentence

  • "Will 'pay what you want' or 'give the music away but sell the merch' models really give such artists the ability to pay the bills? by quux - Apr 17th, 2009 @ 1: 01pm"
  • "Here, you undid the changes to quux, baz and bar; the amended commit therefore contains only the changes to foo, which the new commit message reflects."
  • "Re: Re: Re: Re: What should the new business model * be*? the more i think about it the more i think that i will like the world when these new models take hold. i have read your arguments over and over again on how the models work. however i think the clear winner here is the consumer. powered by these new models companies around the world will be turning out consumer goods and services, leaving it up to the customer choose how much they are worth. once these models are accepted and used we will have solved the problem of poverty. you will be able to hop on a plain to Hawaii at no cost because the airline will be happy that you chose them to fly. it will be a lot like the guys that wash you car windows at the red lights your window gets cleaned if you want it to and then you pay or not and the man thanks you for letting him do his job. i personally know a man who works in this profession he makes $600 on an average day, clearly this model works, but as quux points out this man cant get a mortgage backed by this income. but hey a bank using the new model will lend you money with no money down, no credit, no job just because they want your business so yes these new models will work i like them."

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