Definition of "taleteller" []

  • (noun) One who tells stories; a storyteller.
  • (noun) A talebearer; a tattletale.

Use "taleteller" in a sentence

  • "In some ways they also say that a taleteller doesn't have to be perfect if the tale is good enough."
  • "It takes a long time to tell badly on paper what is told in a minute so well by the 'taleteller,' as Sir Walter calls himself."
  • "Frémont, of Kit Carson, of Harney, and Bridger; the fearless strivers toward an ever-receding West, fascinating for its untried dangers as for its fabled wealth, -- the sturdy, grave men who fought and toiled and hoped, and realised in varying measure, but who led in sober truth a life such as the colours of no taleteller shall ever be high enough to reproduce."

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