Definition of "vulcanize" [vul•can•ize]

  • (verb-transitive) To improve the strength, resiliency, and freedom from stickiness and odor of (rubber, for example) by combining with sulfur or other additives in the presence of heat and pressure.

Use "vulcanize" in a sentence

  • "Precisely because a human soul is unstable, and subject to influence, and hardening over time, the Christian tradition has put a great deal of weight on moral and spiritual discipline in order to "vulcanize" the networks that lead to properly ordered emotions, thoughts, and decisions."
  • "You've never known, you realize, how to vulcanize rubber to make a tire."
  • "They began to export the resin in blocks and in 1869 the three men found a way to vulcanize it into a kind of parrifin."

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