Definition of "vulcano" [vul•ca•no]

  • (noun) Obsolete form of volcano.

Use "vulcano" in a sentence

  • "Hey! foto aeree storiche CONCORSO ISPETTORI SCOLASTICO legge 27 ottobre 1993 n 423 2006 furniture high point show dott alessandra frigerio asking girlfriend love make man vulcano isola appartamento bath fiberglass home manufactured tub by orgy right round spin filling form help security social"
  • "I bake my own bread since quite some time and follow the recipe in the booklet I got ... the only problem is that the breat, yummy as it is, usually looks on the top like the crater of a dead vulcano - sunken in!"
  • "Also take into mind that, sunspots, vulcano, s the big spot on jupiter etc are all located at around 19,2 degrees."

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