Definition of "vulgarity" [vul•gar•i•ty]

  • (noun) The quality or condition of being vulgar.
  • (noun) Something, such as an act or expression, that offends good taste or propriety.

Use "vulgarity" in a sentence

  • "But what you call his vulgarity, my dears, is just everyday life; and everyday life is always disgusting to the funny little Bayswaterats, who are compact of timidity and pudibonderie."
  • "He was more than usually polite to the major: he was in the army, the goal of his aspiration! but he laughed at what he called his vulgarity in private, and delighted to annoy Hester with remarks upon her "ancient adorer.""
  • "However, she also detested what she called vulgarity, and had never in her life, even when handling it, uttered the word shit."

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