Definition of "vulgarizations" [vulgarizations]

  • (noun) Plural form of vulgarization.

Use "vulgarizations" in a sentence

  • "The undue prominence of these half-lies in vulgarizations of the subject is partly due to bad luck: the people working on quantum mechanics in the 1920s and ’30s were plenty smart enough to figure out decoherence, which might well have led that whole “measurement” business being chucked out on its ear, but they weren’t thinking in that direction."
  • "These vulgarizations were not really fair to Freud, who was both a genius and a subtle and hard-headed thinker who would have been deeply skeptical of their left-wing utopian nonsense. posted by Gagdad Bob at 8:18 AM"
  • "Finally, anyone interested in contrasting the subtleties of Marx's own system of ideas with both the intellectual and applied vulgarizations which resulted in the “orthodox”"