Definition of "vulgarized" [vulgarized]

  • (verb) Simple past tense and past participle of vulgarize.

Use "vulgarized" in a sentence

  • "Yet the only way in which it can be saved from being vulgarized is by some active undertaking of the intelligent, cultured classes, to hold it to its proper purposes."
  • "The first oil shocks and gas-station lines in peacetime history; the first presidential resignation ever; assassinations and riots; failing schools; failing industries; polarized politics; vulgarized culture; polluted air and water; divisive and inconclusive wars."
  • "Yet it is hard to see why he was any more dangerous than Charles Darwin, whose theory, when distorted and vulgarized as the survival of the fittest, provided scientific support for Himmler's program to breed flaxen-haired demigods—so unlike the physique of the dear Führer and his closest associates."

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