Definition of "vulgus" [vulgus]

  • (noun) See the quotation.

Use "vulgus" in a sentence

  • "Those who immediately forged and promoted that lie of his being stolen away were justly given up to strong delusions to believe it, and not suffered to be undeceived by his being shown to all the people; and so much the greater shall be the blessedness of those who have not seen, and yet have believed -- Nec ille se in vulgus edixit, ne impii errore, liberarentur; ut et fides non praemio mediocri destinato difficultate constaret -- He showed not himself to the people at large, lest the impious among them should have been forthwith loosed from their error, and that faith, the reward of which is so ample, might be exercised with a degree of difficulty."
  • "Originally derived from "vulgus," the crowd, it meant that roughness of language and manner which is found among the less educated."
  • "Syndicate this column The Latin word 'vulgus' means the public, or more accurately rabble."

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