Definition of "accountancy" [ac•count•an•cy]

  • (noun) The function of compiling and providing financial information primarily by reports referred to as financial statements. Accounting includes bookkeeping, systems design, analysis and interpretation of accounting information.
  • (noun) A company or organisation that performs such a function.

Use "accountancy" in a sentence

  • "With a background in accountancy and a stint at KPMG where he came to be well-respected, Flint’s deep knowledge of HSBC’s numbers is renowned among investors and staffers."
  • "As luck would have it, accountancy is at the top of the Skilled Occupation List for would-be immigrants to Australia."
  • "That course involves subjects such as pure economics, a high degree of skill in accountancy, business principles and practice-that is my subject; I have lectured for twelve years at nights for two and sixpence a week, and I hope to resume when I get back; civic and public administration, languages, sociology, commercial technology, the technology of products, the history of industrialism, and four or five other subjects."

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