Definition of "apperceiving" []

  • (verb) Present participle of apperceive.

Use "apperceiving" in a sentence

  • "Taking Pestalozzi's idea that the purpose of the teacher was to give pupils new experiences through contacts with real things, without assuming that the pupils already had such, Herbart elaborated the process by which new knowledge is assimilated in terms of what one already knows, and from his elaboration of this principle the doctrine of apperception -- that is, the apperceiving or comprehending of new knowledge in terms of the old -- has been fixed as an important principle in educational psychology."
  • "I cannot have an intuition or any other type of representation of myself as apperceiving subject other than by way of ˜I think ¦™ - type thoughts, and hence these thoughts are the original representations of this subject"
  • "Kant's idea is that if the representations or elements of them that I can attribute to myself possess a unity of the right kind, and if I apprehend or am cognitively sensitive to this unity, then I will be able to represent the apperceiving subject of any one of them as identical with that of any other."

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