Definition of "dialing" [di•al•ing]

  • (verb) Present participle of dial.
  • (noun) The act by which a number is dialed.
  • (noun) The art of constructing dials; the science of measuring time by dials.
  • (noun) A method of surveying, especially in mines, in which the bearings of the courses, or the angles which they make with each other, are determined by means of the circumferentor.

Use "dialing" in a sentence

  • "Next thing I'm dropping is the Robaxin - dialing back to using it only when I'm in extra pain."
  • "Williams, a Buddy Ryan and Dick LeBeau disciple who believes in dialing up pressure to make the opposing quarterback uncomfortable, matched good coverage by now-healthy starting cornerbacks Jabari Greer and Tracy Porter."
  • "The challenge was actually in dialing back the language once I had poured it onto the page, making it accessible to people who aren't familiar with these expressions and colloquialisms."

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