Definition of "exponent" [ex•po•nent]

  • (noun) One that expounds or interprets.
  • (noun) One that speaks for, represents, or advocates: Our senator is an exponent of free trade.
  • (noun) Mathematics A number or symbol, as 3 in (x + y)3, placed to the right of and above another number, symbol, or expression, denoting the power to which that number, symbol, or expression is to be raised. Also called power.
  • (adjective) Expository; explanatory.

Use "exponent" in a sentence

  • "June 23rd, 2006 at 4: 46 pm jealousofjeff says: nope jason pissant – exponent is what I meant. proponent is just a synonym. sort of like assclown is to pissant. assclown"
  • "The short term exponent of about -1.5 is not too different from -5/3."
  • "Perhaps its best-known living exponent is Marshal Pétain."

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