Definition of "hooch" []

  • (noun) Slang Alcoholic liquor, especially inferior or bootleg liquor: "bootleggers smashed on their own hooch” ( Christopher Hitchens).
  • (noun) Slang Marijuana.
  • (noun) Slang A dwelling, especially a thatched hut.

Use "hooch" in a sentence

  • "Watching Stephen King in overalls chugging a near vertical bottle of hooch is so lol-worthy you will pause and re-wind, I guarantee."
  • "But the word hooch was (and is) used by soldiers in Korea and Japan to refer to quonset huts and other structures."
  • "The hooch is a big wooden box, about half the size of the last living room I had in San Diego, and though the Marines generally stay eight to a unit, officers and staff sergeants (and myself, by extension) enjoy the spacious privileges of rank."

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