Definition of "offerer" [of•fer•er]

  • (noun) One who offers.

Use "offerer" in a sentence

  • "a seal of divine forgiveness, that the offerer is supposed, all at once, to remember that some brother has a just cause of complaint against him through breach of this commandment in one or other of the ways just indicated."
  • "Your thought processes, though, are so narrowed and directed along the lines of distrust and borderline paranoia that when offered an alternative view that doesn't involve sedition, intrigue, and nebulus entities, your first reaction is to label the offerer as something they aren't."
  • "This is no doubt the reason why in the Jehovistic legislation tithe and first fruits are not both demanded, but only a gift of the first and best of corn, wine, and oil, left to the free discretion of the offerer, which is conjoined with the firstling of cattle and sheep"

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