Definition of "postpone" [post•pone]

  • (verb-transitive) To delay until a future time; put off. See Synonyms at defer1.
  • (verb-transitive) To place after in importance; subordinate.

Use "postpone" in a sentence

  • "Which means we will once again postpone the (in) decision."
  • "She received, also, a little, though mournful, reprieve from terror, by a letter from Lisbon, written to again postpone the return of Mrs. Tyrold, at the earnest request of Mr. Relvil; and she flattered herself that, before her arrival, she should be enabled to resume those only duties which could draw her from despondence."
  • "First at UFC 106 and then again at UFC 108, Carwin's title opportunities were dashed while Lesnar, battling through a painful intestinal disorder, was forced to postpone, which is why UFC officials deemed it appropriate to create Saturday's interim title fight."

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