Definition of "relative" [rel•a•tive]

  • (adjective) Having pertinence or relevance; connected or related.
  • (adjective) Considered in comparison with something else: the relative quiet of the suburbs.
  • (adjective) Dependent on or interconnected with something else; not absolute. See Synonyms at dependent.
  • (adjective) Grammar Referring to or qualifying an antecedent, as the pronoun who in the man who was on TV or that in the dictionary that I use.
  • (adjective) Music Having the same key signature. Used of major and minor scales and keys: A minor is the relative minor of C major.

Use "relative" in a sentence

  • "T.e philosopher P.T. Geach first broached the subject of relative identity and introduced the phrase ˜relative identity™."
  • "And, indeed, so long as relative age only is spoken of, correspondence in succession _is_ correspondence in age; it is _relative_ contemporaneity."
  • "_relative_ rarity of the main varieties of each stamp at least; and it is this relative rarity that we are after in order to approximate the original supplies of the main varieties."

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