Definition of "saddle-blanket" []

  • (noun) A blanket, of a rather small size and coarse make, used folded under a saddle.

Use "saddle-blanket" in a sentence

  • "He was naked except for a short war-bonnet and breech-clout, his face and chest glistening with ochre and vermillion, at his waist were strapped two long-barrelled Colts, a stone axe hung from his decorated saddle-blanket, and he carried a feathered lance."
  • "This done, I lay down at the foot of a tree, with my saddle for a pillow, and saddle-blanket for a cover."
  • "After walking about a mile in deep dust, I picked up first the saddle-blanket and next my bag, and soon came upon the horse, standing facing me, and shaking all over."

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