Definition of "telltale" [tell•tale]

  • (noun) One who informs on another; a talebearer.
  • (noun) Something that indicates or reveals information; a sign.
  • (noun) Any of various devices that indicate or register information, especially:
  • (noun) A time clock.
  • (noun) Nautical One of the brightly colored lengths of yarn or ribbon attached to the shrouds, stays, or sails of a sailboat, serving to indicate wind direction relative to the boat's motion.

Use "telltale" in a sentence

  • "But state bushfire chief Phil Koperberg said commanders were watching up to 30 suspects for certain telltale signs."
  • "Sometimes seeing someone you have a crush on results in telltale physiological signs."
  • "The "Dra" bit refers to a telltale sign of viral infection—double-stranded RNA molecules—while the "co" bit concerns the mechanism by which a cell commits suicide if so infected."

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