Definition of "whoosh" [whoosh]

  • (noun) A sibilant sound: the whoosh of the high-speed elevator.
  • (noun) A swift movement or flow; a rush or spurt.
  • (verb-intransitive) To make a soft sibilant sound.
  • (verb-intransitive) To move or flow swiftly with or as if with such a sound.

Use "whoosh" in a sentence

  • "Barbara went out to the parking lot and a lot more men in suits with earpieces came down into the lobby and then "whoosh" - a huddle came out of the elevator, jumped into a car and was gone."
  • "Led by Rahm Emanuel, a stalwart Clintonian factotum and grandee of the now obsolete DLC, the exodus from Clinton's campaign recalled the whoosh of gas escaping from a hot air balloon over the Grand Canyon."
  • "Among other segments, the boob-a-thon included Anna Nicole Smith pantomiming the various sizes of implants she has had using a "whoosh" - like noise and an all-bra fashion show with running commentary from a male audience member ( "Me like that one."

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